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Sean Casey - the Friendliest Guy in Baseball

With a name like Sean Casey, you’re bound to get a good greeting in Red Sox Nation, which had its not-so-humble beginnings in the early 20th century when Michael McGreevey led a band of raucous Sox fans – many of them Irish – called the Royal Rooters. But the newest Boston Red Sox player is a popular guy wherever he’s been in his illustrious major league baseball career. The convivial big-leaguer with the sunny disposition has always had an upbeat, outgoing personality. Over the past 12 seasons the chatty first baseman has honed his conversational skills with thousands of players from across the league who have landed on his base. Last year a Sports Illustrated poll of the players themselves voted Casey “the friendliest player in baseball.” And he’s known around the league as the mayor because of his approachable demeanor. Of course, Casey is much more than a master conversationalist and all-around good guy. He’s a three-time All Star and National League MVP who has played for the

Irish Festivals in Massachusetts Summer 2008

Tourism Group Announces Irish Festival Season in Massachusetts (Milton) – The Boston Irish Tourism Association released its annual schedule of Irish, Scottish and Celtic festivals and concerts taking place throughout Massachusetts this summer. The outdoor festivities celebrate the state’s vibrant Irish culture and heritage, and feature many of the world’s best traditional musicians, singers and dancers. “Americans and Canadians looking for the very best Irish music don’t have to travel to Europe this summer – they can find it right here in Massachusetts,” said Michael P. Quinlin, president of Boston Irish Tourism Association. “And because of how Irish music and dance have integrated with other traditions over many generations, these festivals also feature a lively mix of Cape Breton, Scottish, Appalachian, Canadian and American folk music too.” The festivals run from June through September and take place in every part of the state, fr