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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Swiss Public Radio special on Irisches Boston: Wo alles begann / Irish Boston: Where it all began

Swiss Public Radio has produced an excellent 48 minute show in German and English called Irisches Boston: Wo alles begann/ Irish Boston:Where it all began.

The segment was done by reporter Kateri Jochum, who spent several days in Boston last August, interviewing a number of Bostonians like Tom McNaught, director of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation, Michael Quinlin, president of the Boston Irish Tourism Association, and Brian O'Donovan, host of the WGBH show, Celtic Sojourn.

The program includes live segments from a step dancing class at the Burren Pub in Davis Square, Somerville a Gaelic Athletic Association game at the Irish Cultural Centre in Canton, and a walk along Boston's Irish Heritage Trail.  And it includes recorded music from Irish fiddler Grainne Murphy, who grew up in the Boston area.

While the program is in German, much of the interviews are in English. To listen to the full show, click here.

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