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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Boston's Celtic Music Festival taking place all day Saturday, January 11, at Harvard Square in Cambridge

Bridget Fitzgerald

The 11th annual Boston's Celtic Music Festival is continuing all day today with an exciting line-up of excellent music, song and dance. It takes place in Harvard Square, Cambridge.

Saturday includes DayFest, a series of performances throughout the day that features Irish sean nos singer Bridget Fitzgerald,  duo Matt and Shannon Heaton, uilleann piper Joey Arbarta, singer/guitarist Liz Simmons, multi-instrumentalist Lindsay Adler and many others.  

The performances take place at Passim and The First Parish Church.  Here is the DayFest schedule.

 The BCMFest Nightcap is  a grand finale concert and dance featuring music from Ireland, Cape Breton, Scotland and America.  It takes place at the First Parish Church.  

Here is a list of all the performers at this year's Boston's Celtic Music Festival.  Here is the festival press release.

Find year round details on Irish cultural activities in Massachusetts and the New England states by visiting

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