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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mayor Walsh Leads a Video Tour of the Mayor's Office at City Hall for Boston Herald

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh gave a video tour of the Mayor's Office on the 5th floor of City Hall, to Erica Corsano of the Boston Herald.

Among the treasures of his office:

. The desk of James Michael Curley, a handcrafted masterpiece made without nails.  "The woodwork is incredible," Walsh says, adding, "It's all hand-carved."

. The view, overlooking Faneuil Hall and beyond that, Boston Harbor.

. His Expresso coffee machine in the anteroom.

. A digital dashboard, which shows the metrics of the City at any given time, including social media traffic, data about senior services, and the Mayor's Hotline.

Other items spotted in the tour include a license plate with the word Walsh, and an Irish road sign that reads Ros muc, 3 1/2.

The coolest part of the Mayor's job?  "Just being able to help people," Walsh says.

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