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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Irish Rising Scholarly Resources in Greater Boston

Bates Hall, Boston Public Library 

As part of the centennial commemorations marking the Irish Rising of 1916, Boston Irish Tourism Association  has complied this list of scholarly resources in the Greater Boston area. 

The Boston Athenaeum has numerous books, magazines and newspapers from the period, plus a rare British recruitment poster entitled: The Call to Arms, Irishmen Don’t You Hear it?

The Rare Book Collection at Boston Public Library has over 3,000 pamphlets, posters, photographs, scrapbooks and press clippings that related to the creation of the Irish Free State in 1922, including Home Rule, the 1916 Irish Rising, and the Irish Civil War. 

The John J. Burns Library at Boston College has papers of several 1916 leaders, including Thomas Clarke, Thomas MacDonagh, Roger Casement and Joseph M. Plunkett, plus relevant papers of Mary Boyle O’Reilly, Shane Leslie, and Eskine Childers. 

The City of Boston Archives has the papers of James Michael Curley, including his involvement in 1916 fundraising activities and correspondence to the US President and Secretary of State to protest British activities.

The Lawrence Hibernian Irish Collection at LawrencePublic Library has letters and statements of the leaders executed after the rising, books by and about James Connolly, and other ephemera relating to 1916.

Here is a calendar of Irish Rising events taking place in Massachusetts. 

Read more about Boston and the Irish Rising in Irish America Magazine. 

Find year round details on Irish activities in Massachusetts at

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